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Flash Memory Summit 2019 is in the books! After two and a half years of hard work, we decided to use FMS 2019...Read The Whole Passage

Silicon Valley Startup Introduces AI Cores Into Its SSD Controller Portfolio

2019-08-11Source:Electronics Point

InnoGrit, a California-based manufacturer of integrated circuits and systems, has introduced a set of three AI...Read The Whole Passage

FMS: SSDs und Controller mit PCIe 4.0

2019-08-09Source:Heise Online

Die ersten Mainboards mit PCIe 4.0 sind kaum da, da folgen auch passende SSDs. Dazu gesellen sich einige neue...Read The Whole Passage

InnoGrit: Tacoma, Rainier and Shasta Family of SSD Controllers

2019-08-09Source:Storage News

Up to 7GB/s and 6.1GB/s sequential RW speeds, and 1.5 million IO/s random read performance for Tacoma controll...Read The Whole Passage

FMS Keynote Video

2019-08-08Source:YouTube The Whole Passage