FMS - Blog Summary

Time:  2019-08-15 Source:  

Flash Memory Summit 2019 is in the books! After two and a half years of hard work, we decided to use FMS 2019 to announce the company and launch four products. The timing could not have been better. We were able to unveil Shasta and Shasta+ our PCIe Gen 3 product targeting the client, IoT, and consumer electronics positioned to solve the power, performance, and temperature restraints of traditional controllers. We also unveiled our PCIe Gen 4 products, Rainier and Tacoma, positioned for high end client and data center applications utilizing our ultra-low latency and high-performance capabilities.

This year Flash Memory Summit had over 6,000 attendees and 130 exhibitors. It was hard to stand out from the crowd, but our products spoke for themselves. We had a steady flow of booth traffic and most of the booth staff were unable to getaway due to the number of people inquiring about our products. Visitors of the booth ranged from storage companies, hyperscalers, through server manufacturers. And even a few competitors.

We showcased our Shasta controller in a BGA form factor in a Lenovo X1 laptop. We were running several video clips and able to display the power at 0.9W and case temperature at 40OC. In addition, we demoed the performance of our Rainier controller using an Add-In Card in an AMD based platform. The random read performance was running at 1M IOPS and random write performance over 600K IOPS. The highlight of our demos was the Tacoma based solution. We utilized Toshiba’s XL-FLASHTM and were able to show the latency at just 10.5 us. This drummed up a lot of foot traffic as quite a few other vendors were showing the latency of their controller, albeit, much higher than 10.5 us.


In addition to our booth, we were able to connect with attendees in a few other ways. We had a lot of press coverage before the show. Articles were published by Anand Tech, EE Times, Storage Review, and many others. At the FMS theater, we had a short sales pitch, where we showcased our products and had a raffle giveaway. We also had a Keynote presentation, by CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Zining Wu. He talked about the importance of Bigger and Smarter Storage utilizing artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. FMS 2019 was a huge success for InnoGrit. It will keep us all very busy to nurture and develop the relationships created at the show.

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