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InnoGrit is focused on advancing storage technology to solve the data storage and data transport problem in artificial intelligence and other big data applications through innovative integrated circuit (IC) and system solutions. Our innovation in system performance, efficiency, reliability, and security is the foundation that supports our mission to unleash the potential limited by traditional data processing architectures and enable a new class of products to consumers, data centers, and enterprises.

InnoGrit’s high-performance, low power full turn-key SSD controller solutions enable businesses across industries to maximize their investments in next-generation applications while reducing capital and operational expenses. InnoGrit provides a flexible business model from SDK to full turnkey (FTK) support all the way through reference designs. Our ICs are designed with security, power, and performance in mind, and are equipped with advanced LDPC technology, end to end data protection and support for all the key security standards.

With high-quality products and services, InnoGrit has been winning good reputation in the market, and establishing harmonious partnership with major global computer manufacturers, semiconductor suppliers, and flash vendors.

Core Technology

High Speed PCIe Gen5

PCIe Gen5 SSD controllers provide high speed storage for next generation data center and personal computing

Ultra-Low Latency

Proprietary technology reduces latency to 10us from existing products

Integrated Data Processing

Jointly optimize data storage and transport, and reduce TCO for distributed data storage system

Data Security

End to end data protection and support for all key security standards

Management Team

Zining Wu, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board

Before founding InnoGrit, Dr. Zining Wu served as Chief Technology Officer of Marvell Technology Group, responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company including the company’s technical vision, strategic initiatives, directing R&D project execution, and future growth. Dr. Wu joined Marvell in 1999. During his tenure, Dr. Wu led the engineering team that delivered innovative multi-generation Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) controllers with annual sales over a billion dollars. Under his leadership, Marvell launched multiple industry-record products, including the world’s first low-density parity-check (LDPC) code based SSD controller, which tripled the reliability of NAND flash; the first native PCIe SSD controller for modular scalability, raising the bar in data storage by delivering an unprecedented level of I/O performance; and the world’s first  NVRAM-powered PCIe SSD cache solution providing industry-leading performance for cloud computing data center. Dr. Wu also served as Vice President of Engineering for wireless communication SoCs, where his team delivered the industry’s best-in-class 802.11ac chips.

Dr. Wu holds over 280 U.S. patents, has published 8 technical papers and a book Coding and Iterative Detection for Magnetic Recording Channels, 2000.

Dr. Wu holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University, a master’s and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Dishi Lai

Co-Founder, Vice President of SoC Engineering

Prior to InnoGrit, Mr. Lai was Senior Director of Engineering at Toshiba America responsible for the front-end architecture and logic design of the Enterprise PCIe SSD Controller. Previously, he was Senior Design Manager at Marvell Semiconductor responsible for the storage bridges and Host Bus Adaptor (HBA) shipping over 50 million products.  He was also the lead designer for Marvell’s first PCIe SSD controller, which was used in the first generation of Apple iBook with SSD.

Mr. Lai holds 3 U.S. patents and with 7 patent applications pending.

Mr. Lai holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Applied Physics from Tsinghua University, and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Rochester.

Abhilash Mathew

Co-Founder, Vice President of System Engineering

Mr. Mathew has over 20 years of optical and storage industry experience. Before joining InnoGrit, he was Director of Hardware Engineering at Marvell Semiconductor leading a global team which designed system-level storage hardware including SSD, HDD, storage networking and Pre-amp. Mr. Mathew’s team was also responsible for the evaluation board designs and reference designs for SATA, SAS, PCIe, eMMC and UFS based controllers. His reference designs have been used in production by Kingston, Innodisk, Lenovo, Amazon, LiteOn, and other Tier 1 OEMs. Prior to Marvell, Mr. Mathew worked on industry''s first 40 Gbps OC-768 product with Catamaran Communications, later acquired by Infineon.

Mr. Mathew holds 1 U.S. patent. 

Mr. Mathew holds a bachelor’s degree of Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Calicut, India.

Jie Chen, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Vice President of Data Storage Technologies

Dr. Chen has over 12 years of research and development experience in wireline communication and data storage system, with deep knowledge in high speed ethernet transceiver and low power SSD controller architect and design optimization. Prior to InnoGrit, Dr. Chen was Senior Staff Design Manager for data storage products at Marvell. He specializes in microarchitecture analysis, design, and physical implementation of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and error correction coding (ECC) algorithms (such as LDPC and BCH) for data storage systems. Dr. Chen and his team successfully delivered the world’s first low power and low cost SSD controllers with advanced LDPC solutions, which extended the lifetime of TLC SSDs. In addition, as the key designer, Dr. Chen and his team successfully developed the 1st generation LDPC based HDD read/write controller, which was widely used by WD, Seagate, and Hitachi.

Dr. Chen holds more than 10 US patents and published more than 10 journal papers and conference papers. 

Dr. Chen holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Harbin Engineering University and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota.

Qun Zhao

Co-Founder, Vice President of Firmware Engineering

Mr. Zhao has over 20 years of experience in BIOS, uEFI drivers, Windows/Linux drivers, applications and firmware. Before InnoGrit, Mr. Zhao was Senior Director of Software Engineering at Marvell leading the development of SSD solutions: including software/firmware, chip/FPGA verification, flash performance testing, software evaluation, and customer support. Mr. Zhao also led the collaboration and joint development with major flash memory suppliers, including Toshiba, Hynix, Micron and SanDisk. The collaboration led to accelerated integration of new flash memory into SSDs and successfully delivered Full Turnkey and SDK products. Prior to Marvell, Mr. Zhao worked on software development at ATI/AMD.

Mr. Zhao holds 7 patents. 

Mr. Zhao holds a bachelor’s degree from Beijing Institute of Technology.

Lin Chen, Ph.D.

Vice President of Product Engineering

Prior to joining InnoGrit, Dr. Chen was Senior Director at Marvell leading SoC and IP R&D design. With more than 20 years of experience in large-scale integrated circuit design, Dr. Chen led the engineering R&D team that successfully launched more than 20 chips from graphic processors, network switching, data storage, multimedia, microcontrollers and Internet of Things. The IP and product portfolio generated more than $1 Billion revenue annually. Dr. Chen was also a key member of design and development for many first-generation chips, which were widely adopted by customers including Xbox Kinect, Apple MacBook Pro, Cree LED, Whirlpool smart refrigerator, and Xiaomi smart plug.  Perviously Dr. Chen worked at AMD and ATI.

Dr. Chen holds 16 US and Europe patents. 

Dr. Chen holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Peking University, a master’s degree in Physics from High Energy Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, a Master’s Degree in Physics from University of New York at Stony Brook, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Mark Wagner

VP, Sales & Marketing

Mr. Wagner's diverse storage device and silicon employment record brings a wealth of spot-on experience to Innogrit. His past ten years in the Storage Market covering SSD Controllers, SSD's and HDD's through Computational Storage have proven invaluable to the company.

Mr. Wagner demonstrates undeterred perseverance in dealing with the challenges inherent with start-up companies. His past experience with such includes Synaptics, Zeevo, GTronix, Sound Designs Technology, SandForce, and most recently ScaleFlux (all sub $25M at time of employment).

He is a sales and marketing leader with a hired-gun attitude and hands-on approach which define his senior management and executive career. Mr. Wagner has built and led multiple global sales and marketing teams. In his present role with Innogrit, Mr. Wagner leads talented and seasoned sales teams located throughout Asia, while building a strong North American and EMEA sales presence.

Mr. Wagner holds a BA in Finance from the University of Toledo.

Brian Chen

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Chen is responsible for InnoGrit's operations including procurement, production management, yield engineering, production testing, packaging design, quality control, information technology, and administration. He has more than two decades of diverse experience in the semiconductor industry ranging from supply chain management to marketing. Prior to InnoGrit, Mr. Chen served as Vice President of Operations at Spreadtrum Communications across more than ten locations worldwide. He led a team of more than 200 people and managed supply chain business of over $1.2 billion. Before Spreadtrum, Mr. Chen worked at TSMC North America in several positions and was promoted as the youngest ever account manager.

Mr. Chen holds a bachelor's degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Taiwan National Tsinghua University and a master's degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University.

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