Time:  2021-08-19

RainierQX/Q family includes two members targeting different applications: IG5220 for DRAM-less low cost client solutions, and IG5221 for high end client applications with DRAM.

The IG5220/IG5221, implemented in advanced 12nm FinFET CMOS process, is an industry-leading PCIe Gen4 x4, NVMe 1.4 SSD controller with capacity size up to 4TB/8TB.

The IG5220 features an enhanced DRAM-less architecture with full support of the HMB function. The IG5221 integrates DDR SDRAM with 16-bit wide data bus and up to 8GB capacity.

In terms of its flash memory support, the IG5220/IG5221 supports, through its four NAND channels, MLC, TLC and QLC with either ONFI or Toggle Mode interface.

The IG5220/IG5221 is built with the highest-level security with multiple data encryption and protection schemes including: AES, SM2/3/4, SHA, RSA, ECC, CRC, RAID, and end-to-end data protection

Leveraging InnoGrit’s proprietary LDPC ECC technology, data endurance and retention are largely enhanced to deliver better reliability and ultra-high performance for SSD solutions