About Us

InnoGrit Corporation is a startup based in San Jose, California. Founded by highly respected technology and business leaders in the Silicon Valley, the company is set out to solve the data storage and data transport problem in artificial intelligence and other big data applications through innovative integrated circuit (IC) and system solutions.  At the center of convergence among compute, network and storage, we are on a mission to unleash the performance limited by traditional data processing architectures and enable a new class of products and services to consumers, data centers and enterprises.  


Be Part of China HCI Alliance

Jun 13 2017, with invitation of China HCI (Hyper Converge Infra-structure) Alliance, Innogrit join the organization as group member, Innogrit will bring its data acceleration engine technology to China partners for more exciting innovation.

Press or event activities please feel free to contact us at pr@innogritcorp.com