Startup Putting the Artificial Intelligence Core in Solid-State Drives

2019-08-05Author:Source:Industry News Today

Startup InnoGrit has debuted a set of 3 controllers for the solid-state drives (SSDs), which also includes o...Read The Whole Passage

InnoGrit Advances Storage Technology for Next-Generation Applications with Company Introduction and Unveiling of SSD Controller Portfolio


Company’s High-Performance, Low Power Fully Turn-Key SSD Controllers Enable Businesses to Maximize Next-...Read The Whole Passage

Startup Claims Edge in Performance, Price, Size

2019-08-02Author:Rick MerrittSource:EE Times India

InnoGrit debuts with a family of three controllers for solid-state drives, one with an embedded inferenc...Read The Whole Passage

InnoGrit: Neue SSD-Controller mit PCIe 4.0

2019-08-02Author:Von Christof WindeckSource:Heise

M.2-SSDs mit NVMe-Controllern von InnoGrit (Bild: InnoGrit)       Den SSD-M...Read The Whole Passage

Innogrit Debuts With Four NVMe SSD Controllers

2019-08-01Author:Billy TallisSource:AnandTech

A new SSD controller designer is coming out of stealth mode today. Innogrit was founded in 2016 by storage ind...Read The Whole Passage