InnoGrit: Tacoma, Rainier and Shasta Family of SSD Controllers

2019-08-09Author:Press ReleaseSource:Storage News

Up to 7GB/s and 6.1GB/s sequential RW speeds, and 1.5 million IO/s random read performance for Tacoma controll...Read The Whole Passage

FMS Keynote Video

2019-08-08Author:Source:YouTube The Whole Passage

US start-up puts AI Core in SSDs

2019-08-05Author:New Electronics (UK)Source:Neil Tyler

InnoGrit, a US start-up, has developed a set of three controllers for solid-state drives (SSDs), including one...Read The Whole Passage

Innogrit zeigt PCIe-Gen4-SSD-Controller


Nach Phison und Marvell hat auch Innogrit mehrere SSD-Controller mit PCIe-Gen4-Anbindung vorgestellt. Das St...Read The Whole Passage

Startup Putting the Artificial Intelligence Core in Solid-State Drives

2019-08-05Author:Source:Industry News Today

Startup InnoGrit has debuted a set of 3 controllers for the solid-state drives (SSDs), which also includes o...Read The Whole Passage