High Speed PCIe Gen4

Ultra-low Latency
Proprietary technology reduces latency to 10us

Integrated Data Processing
Jointly optimize data storage and transport, and reduce TCO for distributed data storage system

Data Security
End to end data protection and support for all key security standards

Client Application

Shasta (IG5208)

Shasta+ (IG5216)

RainierPC (IG5236)

RainierQX/RainierQ (IG5220/IG5221)

Enterprise Application

RainierDC (IG5636)

Tacoma (IG5669)

RainierS (IG5600)

Reference Designs

Shasta-based BGA SSD (IG5208S)

Shasta-based M.2 SSD (IG2xxAx)

Shasta-based Portable SSD (IGUxxAx)

Shasta-based CFexpress Card (IGC00AC)